Monday 1 May 2017

Kapi Ungkupayi

Ivy, Jennifer, Roma and Tjawina have been interviewed for ABC Radio National about Kapi Ungkupayi! To hear the interview click HERE

For more info about Kapi Ungkupayi check out our exhibition blog HERE

Friday 19 September 2014

Roma and Tjawina travel to Melbourne for the Tarrawarra Biennial!

Back in June Roma, Tjawina, Rene and Evonne with 12 other artists from Blackstone and Kalka camped out with artist Fiona Hall for two weeks in country about 30kms from Wingellina Community in WA. They collaborated together to create a series of woven sculptures of Australian animal species which are threatened with extinction for The Tarrawarra Biennale, an exploration of masking, secrets and hidden narratives as psychological states. 

In addition to these sculptures is the work Alkawari (2014), inspired by a tjukurrpa story about a well-known mamu (spirit) figure from the Lands. Alkawari is a complex tjukurrpa story of covert activities underpinned by the uncanny notion that all is not as it seems.

Tjawina and Roma had a grand adventure travelling to the opening in August and now they think you should go check it out too! The Exhibition runs till 16 November at TarraWarra Museum of Art, Victoria.

photo by Jo Foster

Thursday 10 July 2014

Kurunitja! Marge and Toni

Marge came to The Minyma Kutjara Arts Project from the Tjanpi Hospital in Warakurna about two years ago with a couple of old friends to retire. 

They were happy enough but Marge still had big dreams for her life. She kept quiet about it until one day in June a friendly face walked through the doors of the art centre. As soon as Toni and Marge spotted each other they knew they were soulmates (kurunitja). They were chatting away within seconds in their own private language and Toni knew immediately that she had to take Marge with her on a new adventure. Toni was very concerned that Marge travelled in style so she made her a special custom designed carry case. 

First stop on their adventure was Surveyor General's Corner and then off to Beanie Festival in Alice Springs where they tried on some hats!

Who knows what in store next for Marge and Toni but whatever they do, they'll be doing it together!

Monday 30 June 2014

Pukulpa takes off!

After Roma's "IRRUNYTJU" T-shirt gained a cult following (if you don't have one, why not?!"), everyone has been busy creating new products for our clothing line "Pukulpa". Colin Nelson (5yrs) designed our Irrunytju Tjitji (Kid) T-shirt, Roma designed our Pukulpa (Happy) T-shirt and everyone has been busy painting shoes, caps and belts. And did you see the new Irrunytju Warrior Guernsey's?! (see below) They'll all be available at the Desert Mob Market place in September but if you can't wait that long, send us an email to:

Sunday 1 June 2014

New Football Guernseys for Irrunytju Warriors!

This season the Irrunytju Warriors are proudly wearing their new guernseys designed by Minyma Kutjara's youngest artists, Delissa Ryder. If you're a fan you can order one too by emailing us at $60 each + postage and packaging.

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Artist in Residency - Desert Oak Studio, Yulara

In December we enjoyed a month long residency at The Desert Oak Studio in Ayers Rock Resort. Our artists Diane Dawson, Rene Nelson, Heather Watson, Roma Butler and Iluwanti O'Byrne worked each day in the gallery from 9-3pm, chatting and sharing their stories with visiting tourists while they painted. 

In the afternoons we enjoyed relaxing on the grass watching the Wakagetti Cultural Dancers or taking drives around Uluru to visit our family in Mutijulu.

Many thanks to Terese Cooke and all the gallery staff who worked so hard promoting our work and keeping us well fed!