Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Artist Profile - Inyika O'Toole

Inyika was born at Angus Downs near Watarrka. She moved around a lot in her childhood life, living with her parents in Pipalyatjara area between the ages of 6-7 years. Later they went to Ernabella and travelled to Areyonga, back and forth. She would sit down with her parents and watch them how they do painting, artifacts, wood carving, beading and other craft. She was also taught how to collect bush food and hunting.

She worked at the Learning Centre in Ernabella, doing sewing and she even did a bit of work at the child care.

As her children grew up as adults, she did artifacts like punu wood carving. but she never stopped working. She worked for the DASSA, which was based in Amata SA.

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