Thursday, 10 July 2014

Kurunitja! Marge and Toni

Marge came to The Minyma Kutjara Arts Project from the Tjanpi Hospital in Warakurna about two years ago with a couple of old friends to retire. 

They were happy enough but Marge still had big dreams for her life. She kept quiet about it until one day in June a friendly face walked through the doors of the art centre. As soon as Toni and Marge spotted each other they knew they were soulmates (kurunitja). They were chatting away within seconds in their own private language and Toni knew immediately that she had to take Marge with her on a new adventure. Toni was very concerned that Marge travelled in style so she made her a special custom designed carry case. 

First stop on their adventure was Surveyor General's Corner and then off to Beanie Festival in Alice Springs where they tried on some hats!

Who knows what in store next for Marge and Toni but whatever they do, they'll be doing it together!

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