Friday, 24 August 2012

Artist Profile - Diane Dawson

Diane was born in 1972 in Amata and is the daughter of two famous Irrunytju painters, her mother Alkawari Dawson and her father Nyakul Dawson who travelled to Paris with his work in 2005.

In 2013, Diane was selected for "Revealed", an exhibition of works by WA’s best emerging Aboriginal artists presented by the Department of Culture and the Arts, with the support of the Office for the Arts and Central Institute of Technology through Gallery Central.

In 2016 her paintings were exhibited at Hahndorf Academy, alongside rediscovered paintings of her mother and father in an exhibition entitled "Nganyu Initi" (Dreaming Stories). This year she has been invited back to Hahndorf as a solo artist. 

"First I didn’t know how to paint, but I’ve watched my mother how she paints. When she used to paint here, I came here like every now and then and painted some. But I just didn’t have the patience because I always thought it was boring. Ever since my parents have passed away, I had a long time to get over the sadness that was in me. Now I’ve found a way to make myself happy by paintingand having the time to just sit, think and paint. I’ve had the confidence but I didn’t know that I had it. I’m really enjoying what I’m doing right now, because it has helped me a lot. Also, I’ve got all my family and friends around me and the Minyma Kutjara Arts Centre is where I’ll always be. 

Diane paints everyday at The Minyma Kutjara Arts Project, often coming with her cousin and friend Nancy Young where they paint alongside each other. She is quietly spoken with an infectious giggle.  Her paintings are delicately rich in colour, provoking and passionate. 

Diane's paintings are in high demand and she loves the challenge of a commission. If you are ever sent to the principal's office at St Aloysius College  in Adelaide, Diane's painting behind her desk will keep you smiling!

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