Saturday, 25 August 2012

Artist Profile - Emily Gorey

Emily was born in the bush at Puluki near Papunya, N.T. My brother was born at Papunya. I went to school at Papunya and Haast Bluff School. Then I went to Alice Springs Tragger Park School and then Yirara College in Alice Springs. After School I went back home to Papunya, then Mt Hiebek where I was a teacher’s aid. I took the kids camping on bush trips, hunting and cooking. Teaching the children and being a good role model. Then I came to Irrunytju to stay with my two aunties and Uncles Diane and Anthony and Elizabeth Dawson.

My grandfather taught me to paint and to tell stories. Us children we would sit down on the ground next to him and listen and watch him paint and learn. “You listen and you do it”, he said.

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