Saturday, 25 August 2012

Artist Profile - Hinerangi Tukere

“We all live underneath the same sky.”

New Zealand born, Hinerangi Tukere came to Irrunytju in 2004. This country has become her new home and she lives here with her partner, an Irrunytju native and their two children. Hinerangi paints combining the two styles of her Maori homeland and the new country and cultures of Irrunytju that have become her own. 

Hinerangi talks about her painting, “The Burnt Place”:

“These are the things I have learnt going on bush trips to Watarru with the Minyma in my new country. Ivy Laidlaw, my mother-in-law and her friends. This is where the fire starts and then it spreads across the land. The white colour is the trees which after the fire leave white ash. Here are the rockholes and wildflowers. See over here where it is still green. We found this place where the fire hadn’t touched. This is where we discovered mingalpa (bush tobacco) alongside the creek bed. “

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